• How to Find the Best Casino Deals?

    Looking at ads from different online casinos, you can see the bargaining bids and bonuses that are going to get bigger. Casino offers can be, for example, deposit bonuses, free cash games without deposit or free spins offered by casinos when joining or first deposit to their customers. It’s often said that you should take

  • Teaching with Music: How Incorporate Music in Your Classes

    Benefits of music may be the only thing we can agree upon in 2018. So why, if it’s universal, we can’t agree to incorporate music into teaching more often? Here’s the thing, if you are a teacher, you have to take initiative instead of waiting for the department of education to release new guidelines. We

    Teaching with Music: How Incorporate Music in Your Classes
  • The best jazz festivals for you 

    Looking for new places Are you a jazz lover or maybe just looking for your next travel destination? Look no further because the best jazz festivals are waiting for you here.   Have you ever wanted to go to a jazz festival? Do you ever find yourself looking for new destinations and travel ideas? Well, you’re in the

  • Jazz in Skolkovo: experiment and improvisation

    Jazz-y summer in Russia Russia is having multiple Jazz festivals coming up this month. One is even related to science – Skolkovo Jazz Science – in addition to the performances of leading jazz musicians, you can attend scientific discussions and get involved in interactive venues. The program of the second Skolkovo Jazz Science festival, which will

    (C) Skolkovo Jazz Festival
  • Beginner Drum Lessons

    Do you need to learn to play the drums with step-by step training? Are you trying to find starter drum lessons which will show you the fundamental principles of how to play the drum set? If so, you came to the right spot. These simple to follow beginner drum lessons videos will show you through

  • Playing Guitar And Singing

    Finding out how to sing and play guitar in the similar time is certainly one of most significant goals for over a few beginner and intermediate guitarists. It’s so trendy to be able to sit with pals at a get together or social event and belt out several melodies. Additionally it is a real advantage

  • If You Teach Piano to a Kid, Don’t Start with Jazz

    Classical pianists are faced with the demanding job of sight reading. Sight reading contains being fully fluent in reading tempo as well as air. Reading sheet music is most likely probably the most arduous and tedious jobs of playing classical music. Since classical music relies almost completely on sight reading music written by preceding master

  • How The Italians Changed Opera Forever

    Several Florentine musicians and intellectuals, la camerata fiorentina, were fascinated with Ancient Greece and opposed to the surpluses of Renaissance polyphonic music. At the first operas, the purpose was to make music subservient to the terms. After Florence and Rome, Venice quickly became the center of opera, where the first industrial opera house opened in

  • Is Radio Still the Best Choice For Country Music?

    For generations, radio was a source of info and entertainment. Through the years modern developments are partnered to fit modern styles and needs. With the advent of Net and computer devices, most companies have incorporated functional changes. This is true even in case of radio stations which have reinvented their strategy towards broadcast medium. Country

  • Georgia: The True Home of Country Music

    Country music has played a big role in the culture of Georgia, as it is in all southern states, as well as Georgians have played important roles in the annals of country music. During these sessions, that came to be known as the Bristol Sessions, Peer documented Jimmie Rodgers as well as the Carter Family,

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