Georgia: The True Home of Country Music

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Country music has played a big role in the culture of Georgia, as it is in all southern states, as well as Georgians have played important roles in the annals of country music.

During these sessions, that came to be known as the Bristol Sessions, Peer documented Jimmie Rodgers as well as the Carter Family, who’d become country music first major stars.

4 years earlier, Polk Brockman, who worked as representative of the gramophone department in his grandpa’s Atlanta furniture store, had encouraged Peer to record the Georgia cotton mill employee Fiddlin John Carson.

The success of Carson’s records of Old Familiar melodies convinced Peer as well as Victor Records to seek more artists in the musical style that will become known as country.
Carson may perhaps be called country music first performing star. The repeal of prohibition in 1933 eased the growth of the honky tonk period, which brought a far more raucous musical style as well as lyrical content into nation music.

Honky tonks were dance halls where dynamic music followed dancing and drinking. In the 50s the acknowledgement of honky tonk musician Hank Williams was a far turning point, bring the honky tonk ethos not only into mainstream nation music, but into pop music as well.


This effort to appeal to a broader market by eliminating the twang as well as rough edges from the music was dubbed the Nashville Sound.

Atkins Nutritional Approach, an accomplished guitar player, became the most important studio producer in the market, but the tension between sticking to nation rural working class roots and attractive to a wider, more sophisticated audience was a determining conflict in the music history. Throughout the 1990 nation music again experienced a boom in popularity.

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