If You Teach Piano to a Kid, Don’t Start with Jazz

By 39BhZvx6D

Classical pianists are faced with the demanding job of sight reading. Sight reading contains being fully fluent in reading tempo as well as air.

Reading sheet music is most likely probably the most arduous and tedious jobs of playing classical music. Since classical music relies almost completely on sight reading music written by preceding master composers like Mozart, Hadyn, Bartok, Bach and the like, there are numerous recommendations as to how songs must be played. Advanced classical technique can also be very strenuous and complex.

Some advanced pieces might take a typical classical pianist many months to learn. Since jazz is more free spirited and in the moment, several think that it’s simple.
Coming from a classical foundation, this is certainly not the case. Complex chords are frequently utilized in jazz music which are never found in classical music. Most likely the most complicated things about jazz is theory.

Despite the fact that pupils of classical music learn lots of theory, very little of it is in fact used because pupils are not reliant on theory of playing their pieces. All they need to do is understand music from sheets and after that commit it to memory.
As for jazz, you’ll find plenty of different chords and inversions that pupils will need to understand before having the ability to improvise tunes and rhythms over them. Comprehending music theory is an incredibly essential part of playing this sort of music. Jazz chord changes will also be very complicated and abnormal compared to conventional classical piano pieces.

Though both sophisticated traditional and jazz pupils may know all the scales in various keys, jazz musicians will use this knowledge in a far more hands on way than a typical classical pianist. Finger technique for both genders can be extremely difficult.
Learning complicated traditional and jazz riffs may take much commitment and exercise to master and proper finger technique may dictate how well you can play for both genres.
To conclude, the two genres have various obstacles and problems that pupils may have to surmount and face. A real master pianist may have extensive knowledge of both.

Jason Johann Chang has played keyboards professionally since 2005 and has shared the stage and studio with members of George Clinton and P funk, Fishbone, Sublime, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and several others.

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